Investing to
save the planet.

Investing to save the planet.

CorPower Ocean’s mission is to Power the planet with clean electricity from ocean waves.

About CorPower Ocean

CorPower Ocean brings high-efficiency Wave Energy technology enabling reliable and cost-effective harvesting of electricity from ocean waves.

With our research and development spanning decades, our innovations are inspired by the pumping principle of the human heart. Ocean energy brings stability to the clean energy mix, accelerating the transition to zero-carbon energy.

Headquartered in Sweden, with offices in Portugal, Norway and Scotland, we design, build and install turnkey solutions that allow our customers to power the planet with clean energy from ocean waves.


Annual General Meeting​

Årsstämma 2022

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Extraordinary general meeting

Extra Bolagsstämma 15 november 2021

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Annual General Meeting

Årsstämma 2021

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Årsredovisning 2020 (PDF)

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Annual reports​

Annual Report 2020

Company policy

CorPower is an equipment supplier. Our business model is based on sales of CorPack Wave Energy clusters, service & maintenance contracts as well as wave farm engineering services. Our customers are energy companies who own and operate wave farms.

Our mission is to make wave energy a reliable and competitive source of clean electricity, and to make wave energy a significant part of the global energy mix.

We follow a structured product development process in Stages, aimed at introducing bankable products in the market after completing Stage 5. Our Product roadmap tracks the top-level targets for our operation, measured in areas as reliability, performance, affordability and scalability.

CorPower Ocean aims to operate with high quality and minimized environmental impact with regards to sustainability, legislation and the company’s resources.

CorPower Ocean aims to operate with high quality and minimized environmental impact as possible with regards to sustainability, legislation and the company’s resources.

In order to meet our customers’ and partners’ requirements and ensure high quality and continuous improvements in the business as well as compliance to legal requirements, employees are expected to strive for high availability and actively contribute with their professionalism and commitment in all situations.

All equipment and services shall be chosen with sustainability aspects in mind.

The efficiency and environmental impact from our transports, machines and chemicals must be given special attention and prevention.
Furthermore, the quality and environmental work must be well anchored in our organization through appropriate training, clear instructions and commitment from staff, suppliers and customers, which must result in continuous improvements of the business.

To protect our employees, we prevent injury and health issues and constantly improve the handling of work environment issues based on work environment legislation.

All in all, this creates good references for satisfied customers and partners, additional business and long-term customer relationships.

Corporate snapshot.

Legal entity
CorPower Ocean AB

Securities listings
CorPower Ocean is a public company, registered in Sweden.
Corporate number: 556584-9824

Andreas Gunnarsson – Non-Executive Chairman
Patrik Möller – Managing Director
Ulf Troedsson – Non-Executive Director
Christina Lundbäck – Non-Executive Director
Markus Hökfelt – Non-Executive Director
Annica Wachtmeister – Non-Executive Director

Company secretary
Rickard Lindgren

Shareholder enquiries
The Company’s share register is maintained by Euroclear. Enquiries relating to existing shareholdings please contact the company secretary via the email address below under Contact


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