A leader in wave
power technology for
a sustainable world.

CorPower Oceans is a turnkey supplier of wave energy systems, enabling our customers to generate clean electricity from ocean waves.

A leader in wave power technology for
a sustainable world.

CorPower Oceans is a turnkey supplier of wave energy systems, enabling our customers to generate clean electricity from ocean waves.​

Our inspiration.

Renewable energy is more than our business; it's our inspiration, the heart of why we're driven to continue our mission. We know the result of our years spent researching and engineering will positively impact everyone. It's the only way to power our planet for the future – responsibly and sustainably.

Our ambition has always been more than just developing innovative wave energy technology. For us, it's about turning a great idea into something that serves a purpose, today and tomorrow.

CorPower Ocean - meet the people behind

Meet the people
behind our invention.

CorPower Ocean - Hanna Nordqvist, Head of People
CorPower Ocean - UMACK anchor worker
CorPower Ocean - Miguel Silva CEO, Portugal
CorPower Ocean - Kevin Rebenius, Commercial Director

Meet the people
behind our invention.

With a team of highly motivated professionals from around the world, we place strong belief in each other and the work we achieve together bringing wave energy into a new era.
CorPower Ocean - Working with advanced ocean power technology

What guides us.

A sustainable future powered by the ocean, for generations to come

We are on a mission to power the planet with clean energy from ocean waves.


We are open-minded courageous problem solvers. Our ambition is to deliver beyond the impossible. We are pragmatic innovators working to always find that way forward.


Our engineering and design choices are underpinned by solid physics and best practice. We’re meticulous. Our solutions are rigorously tested and proven before deployed.


We contribute to something bigger than ourselves – clean energy for the planet. We believe in being transparent and open. It ensures credibility, a better work environment and longevity as a business.


We depend on each other and believe in being warm-hearted, inclusive and respectful. Likewise, we have our customers on top of our minds, always working to ensure a positive experience using our technology.

Management team.

CorPower Ocean - Patrik Möller, CEO and founder
Patrik Möller
CEO & Co-founder
Miguel Silva - CEO CorPower Ocean Portugal
Miguel Silva
MD CorPower Portugal
Kevin Rebenius - CorPower Ocean, Commercial Director
Kevin Rebenius
Commercial Director
Anders Jansson - CorPower Ocean, Head of Business Development
Anders Jansson
Head of Business Development
Rickard Lindgren - CFO, CorPower Ocean
Rickard Lindgren
Tord Jonsson - CorPower Ocean, Supply Chain & Quality Manager
Tord Jonsson
Supply Chain & Quality Manager
Jonathan Meason - CorPower Ocean, Engineering Manager
Jonathan Meason
Chief Architect
Jean-Michel Chauvet - CorPower Ocean, Director Integration & Testing
Jean-Michel Chauvet
Director Integration & Testing
CorPower Ocean - Matt Dickson, Head of Projects
Matt Dickson
Head of Projects
Hanna Nordqvist - CorPower Ocean, Head of People
Hanna Nordqvist
Head of People & Culture
CorPower Ocean – Karl Pettersson, Head of Engineering
Karl Pettersson
Head of Engineering

Board of Directors.

Christina Lundbäck - CorPower Ocean, Board Member and Investor
Christina Lundbäck
Board Member
Andreas Gunnarsson - CorPower Ocean, Chairman
Andreas Gunnarsson
Annica Wachtmeister - CorPower Ocean, Board Member
Annica Wachtmeister
Board Member
Markus Hökfelt - CorPower Ocean, Board Member
Markus Hökfelt
Board Member
CorPower Ocean – Ulf Troedsson, Board Member
Ulf Troedsson
Board Member
CorPower Ocean - Patrik Möller, CEO and founder
Patrik Möller
Board Member

Historical highlights.

Wave energy is entering a new era. Find out more about our journey to date.


Launch of the first commercial scale C4 Wave Energy Converter and the CorPack wave clusters.


CorPower Ocean extends equity funding to 20.3MEUR supporting commercial scale demonstration.

7.3MEUR investment in Portugal (AICEP) into HiWave-5 demonstration project.

First commercial scale C4 Wave Energy Converter built and dry-tested in Stockholm.

Mobile factory cell for production of spheric composite hulls qualified in Viana do Castelo.


Plans announced for landmark HiWave-5 Project with deployment of demonstration wave array in Portugal announced.

Portuguese entity started operations, and facility for hull fabrication and final assembly of Wave Energy Converters in Portugal was opened, following announcement of 16MEUR investment.


Irish project developer Simply Blue Energy selects CorPower Ocean as technology partner for its first Saoirse project off west Ireland.


Swedish Energy Agency invests 8.2 MEUR for full scale demonstration.

Successful ocean deployment proving the performance and survivability of the 1:2 scale C3 machine in Orkney, Scotland.

First equity investors Midroc New Technologies and Almi Greentech are added as shareholders


The WaveSpring technology is incorporated in CorPower Ocean’s technology. Inventor Jörgen Hals Todalshaug joins CorPower Ocean as Lead Scientist.


The Wave spring technology was invented at NTNU by Dr.Jörgen Hals Todalshaug based on research in phase control technology by Prof Falnes and Budal conducted at NTNU since 1970s.


Corpower Ocean starts operation and is accepted into the EIT InnoEnergy accelerator program. The company adopts a structured five-stage development process according to IEA-OES best practice for ocean energy.
Tech entrepreneur Patrik Möller and Dr. Lundbäck joins forces to develop wave energy technology.


First idea of wave energy converter inspired by the pumping principle of the human heart by Dr Stig Lundbäck.

Meet our partners.

Bringing wave energy to the market requires collaboration and partnerships across the value chain from policy makers, branch organizations, academia, suppliers, marine operators, customers, investors to local fisheries and ports. All our partners are crucial to our success, and we highlight a few of you to show our gratitude.

Press Kit.


Here you can find a complete multimedia Press Kit containing logotypes, images, videos and visuals, as well as the company boilerplate, presentation and executive summary amongst other selected items.

What we do


Our Company

Wave power.
To power the planet.

CorPower Ocean brings high-efficiency Wave Energy technology enabling reliable and cost-effective harvesting of electricity from ocean waves.

With our research and development spanning decades, our innovations are inspired by the pumping principle of the human heart. Ocean energy brings stability to the clean energy mix, accelerating the transition to zero-carbon energy.

Headquartered in Sweden, with offices in Portugal, Norway and Scotland, we design, build and install turnkey solutions that allow our customers to power the planet with clean energy from ocean waves.

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What we do

Our Company

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