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CorPower Ocean and Maersk Supply Services have successfully installed a 6.2km subsea export cable off the coast of northern Portugal to energise the flagship HiWave-5 Project.
New anchor installation supports flagship Hi-Wave 5 Project.
The first commercial scale UMACK anchor has completed pre-deployment checks at CorPower’s facility in Viana do Castelo port, northern Portugal. 
A pioneering anchor solution has successfully completed on-land trials validating the technology and sealing approval for full-scale production and ocean deployment.
While bringing its groundbreaking Wave Energy Converter (WEC) technology into commercial scale
CorPower has constructed the world’s largest wave energy test-rig following an intense two-year project.
CorPower is nearing completion of the world’s largest wave energy test-rig following an intense two-year project.
Breakthrough results in wave energy, Orkney 2018.
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CorPower C4 system assembly completed in Viana do Castelo.


CorPower Ocean refreshes brand to reflect ‘mission of a lifetime’


CorPower Ocean and Maersk Supply Services install subsea cable for HiWave-5 Project.

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CorPower Ocean brings high-efficiency Wave Energy technology enabling reliable and cost-effective harvesting of electricity from ocean waves.

With our research and development spanning decades, our innovations are inspired by the pumping principle of the human heart. Ocean energy brings stability to the clean energy mix, accelerating the transition to zero-carbon energy.

Headquartered in Sweden, with offices in Portugal, Norway and Scotland, we design, build and install turnkey solutions that allow our customers to power the planet with clean energy from ocean waves.

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